Earth energy exists naturally in all landed properties and has a 33% affect on the life quality of the people who occupy the space.

A Classical Fengshui Assessment lets you see beyond the physical structure and asethics of a building; revealing how the earth energy within affects you and your family. With this extra insight, you have the power to make educated choices on how you use the spaces in your home or workplace.

Example 1:

If your office is located in the Five Ghosts area of your building; you know that you must positively tap either Heavenly Doctor or Life Generating earth energy to convert your office to a positive space. Five Ghosts naturally creates disharmony and disunity among people using the space. This body of qi also attracts popularity and fame; along with petty people, back stabbers, and gossipers. When it is positively controlled, you get all the benefits; since you are strong, confident and have the power to not be affected by anyone who wishes you harm.

Example 2:

You buy a new home and have to choose which rooms each of your children sleep in. The ideal way to make this selection is to assign rooms based on who can benefit most from the natural qi within the room. This is especially true if the room has predominately negative qi which must be controlled. Also, each child should be paired with the Flying Stars (short-term qi) which will interact more positively with their personal qi.

Who Needs Classical Fengshui?

You, if you wish to:

  • Stop waiting to get “lucky”
  • Improve your life quality up to 33%
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary setbacks
  • Benefit more from hidden positive qi within your home

Applying Classical Fengshui is a wise and proactive approach to being the best you can be!

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Building a new home?

Have your home custom designed to improve your life situation up to 33%; by tapping positive earth qi.

MotherEarth Fengshui operates another division called Mother Earth Innovative Building Designs, specializing in custom building designs with earth qi included. 

The designer, Joy Rybakov is a certified practitioner of Classical Fengshui (Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, founded by Joey Yap) and a certified Architectural Technologist (AETTNL – designation for residential and light commercial projects); with 15 years experience designing custom buildings. Her study of fengshui also began 15 years ago; but she only decided to practice professionally in 2013.

Including Classical Fengshui in your custom design project is made easy and affordable with MotherEarth’s combined services.

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How does your home affect you?

Choosing a home or office to buy/lease is a major investment and will have a 33% impact on your personal and professional life quality.

Which would you choose?

  • a property which supports you and your family to enjoy a good quality of life


  • a property which triggers setbacks and has a negative influence on your health, relations and professional life

With MotherEarth Fengshui services you HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE!

Benefits of Fengshui Services:

Choose a home that:

  • Improves your life 33%
  • Prevents illness and losses by knowing how the building will affect you, before you buy!

Have your home assessed to:

  • Find and utilize hidden positive energy in your property
  • Improve current health condition up to 33% and prevent serious illness

Have your new property specially designed to:

  • Improve your life situation by harnessing the positive earth energy in the natural environment
  • Capitalize on existing qi within the land to bring positive outcomes to you and your family
  • Protect yourself from any negative earth qi in the area (33% of all life issues come from earth qi)

Why is ‘Real’ Fengshui (Classical) not well known?

The simple answer is human GREED!

Early emperors in eastern Asia made many efforts to ensure sure the original earth qi (natural earth energy forces) knowledge was limited to only the reigning emperor of the time. Widespread teaching of earth energies was forbidden. Only select individuals were permitted to become a fengshui practitioner. To further lessen the chance of accurate earth qi knowledge reaching lower class people, falsified earth qi texts were issued to the commoners of eastern Asia. This falsified school of fengshui is the basis of New Age Feng Shui; which was first introduced to the western world in the 1990’s.

MotherEarth offers personalized property services to individuals, families and small businesses; locally, across Canada, and abroad.

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Easy, affordable, and accessible is what you can expect!

What Clients Say

Joy has worked with my family for two yearsand is very dedicated and professional. Her expertise in the field of fengshui has taught us how to apply its guiding principles to promote harmony, health, and create positive relationships in our lives. With minimum effort we have been able to create some big energy shifts in our home that have resulted in many positive changes for our family. It is with great enthusiasm that we hope to continue work with her in the future.
I really enjoyed have Joy come to my home and business to have Classical Fengshui Assessment. Her recommendations of how to change energy in our space were great. After we completed the changes we found a shift right away. I am finding that my space is calmer but equally as productive. There was a definite change in negative energy being shifted, a strong positive energy is moving in to replace it. I will definitely be asking Joy to visit again!
Andrea Rowe
Joyhas been wonderful to work with she has been able to make a complicated concept easy to understand, I won’t be making any major changes without checking with her first!
Joy is very thorough, knowledgeable and caring in every aspect of her feng shui practice. we are fortunate to have her guidance to help enhance our lives.

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